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Strengthen Your Last Line of Defense Against Quality Defects with a Manufacturing Inspection Software

A manufacturing inspection software is a product and manufacturing process inspection tool that helps manage QC (quality control) audits through a web-and-mobile interface. It helps quality control inspectors cross-check products against quality standards, easily pinpoint and address non-conformances, and, ultimately, protect customers from substandard products. With the iAuditor Manufacturing Inspection Software, you can focus better on solving product quality concerns and equip your quality control team with a tool that strengthens your business’s last line of defense against defects.
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Get everyone on the same paperless page.
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Increase first-time yield in your production line with a Manufacturing Inspection Software

Standardize your manufacturing inspections with iAuditor by SafetyCulture. With your QC team using the same digital inspection templates, generating the same reports, and having visibility for all actions, you can be sure that everyone is on the same paperless page. When the production line follows best practices, it is easier to get it right the first time and eliminate rework.

Keep workers safe—always

With big machinery comes big responsibility. With iAuditor, you can make sure that everyone is following correct procedure and manufacturing equipment is functioning properly and safely. Your team is also empowered to turn identified issues into corrective actions in real-time so hazards don't turn into incidents.

Get a bird’s eye view of your quality inspection performance

Improve operational insights from your manufacturing inspections with iAuditor analytics. With a built-in analytics dashboard, you can evaluate performance of specific production lines, spot recurring issues in product quality, and identify opportunities for improvement quickly and conveniently.

5 Challenges the iAuditor Manufacturing Inspection Software Helps Address

A good manufacturing site inspection process is critical to the safety and success of the production line and the quality of products released from it. Manufacturing inspections help ensure that the production line maintains adherence to local and international standards and regulations. This is why it is critical for manufacturing quality control inspectors to have the best set of tools that will help them strengthen their last line of defense against defective products and, ultimately, protect customer interest.
By using the iAuditor Manufacturing Inspection Software, product quality inspectors can make use of intuitive digital manufacturing inspection checklists to improve the efficiency, standardization, and precision of inspections, reporting, and decision-making.
Here are some of the most common challenges that product quality control inspectors encounter and how the iAuditor Manufacturing Inspection Software can help solve them:


Manual Data Entry and Compilation

Traditional pen-and-paper inspections require product quality control inspectors to manually transcribe data and transfer them from inspection templates to printed reports. iAuditor’s Manufacturing Inspection Software provides pre-made digital templates that can easily be customized to suit inspectors’ preferences. Once your manufacturing inspection is complete, your data is automatically saved via cloud technology where you can easily access them from your desktop or mobile device.

Non-standardized Quality Control Inspections

Manufacturing audit checklists are meant to be standardized across the board, however, that is not often the case. There are times that some inspectors do not have the same updated paper checklists as their co-workers have, leading to varying inspection results. This lapse is often attributed to the logistical challenges of having to reprint and distribute checklists to inspectors in different locations, especially if you have hundreds of inspectors in different continents.
This undermines the value of quality control checks as they all need to be uniform to ensure that the product quality standards inspected are also the same.

With a manufacturing inspection software, it is easier to standardize checklists since digital templates only need to be updated from a single dashboard. Once updated, inspectors will instantly have the updated templates in their own mobile devices. They no longer need to waste time waiting for the updated version of their printed checklists to arrive on their office desks. To add, the tech tool also provides management teams at a glance the track inspection performance across all of their manufacturing sites.

Accountability Issues

Keeping a paper trail makes it challenging for management to verify if product quality control inspectors are following set standards and performing their duties on time. The iAuditor Manufacturing Inspection Software gives you the option to set mandatory fields so that no items are skipped. Assigned inspections and corrective actions can easily be tracked so you know which ones have been completed, were missed, or are overdue. Lastly, require digital signatures at the end of inspections to protect manufacturing audit accountability.

Using Multiple Tools to Conduct Inspections

In some instances, photo evidence conveys information better than written descriptions. For quality inspectors who use a paper template, this means having to bring a camera along for photo documentation, and dealing with the hassle of printing them out to manually attach them to final reports. The iAuditor Manufacturing Inspection Software lets inspectors take pictures and annotate them directly on the app, reducing the lag time between inspection and reporting.

Analyzing Data From Numerous Reports

iAuditor’s powerful data analytics interprets the inspection data being saved to the cloud and provides site inspectors with valuable insights, such as frequently failed items, so they can identify the root of problems. Spot trends and get a comprehensive view of your production line’s performance with iAuditor.

iAuditor’s Manufacturing Inspection Software is a powerful web-and-mobile tool that aids inspectors to immediately act on non-compliance issues found during safety and quality inspections in manufacturing sites. Try iAuditor today for free and discover what a powerful technology solution can do for your business.

iAuditor Manufacturing Inspection Software Features

  • Smart Forms

    Create unlimited smart forms and convert your existing paper checklists to digital forms

  • Inspections

    Complete inspections from anywhere, at any time with the iAuditor manufacturing inspection software.

  • Fast Reporting

    Detailed inspection reports and insights help problems get solved quicker.

  • Insights & Analytics

    Turn your data into actionable insights.

  • Integrations

    Connect iAuditor to business software systems such as Tableau, Sharepoint and more

  • Workflow Automation

    Automate the boring stuff - from scheduling to report delivery.

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