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A janitorial checklist app is a digital tool used by janitors, cleaners, and maintenance personnel to assist in the performance of routine cleaning and sanitation of workplaces and establishments. It primarily works as a digital checklist or template to ensure that all necessary cleaning and maintenance tasks are completed. With the iAuditor Janitorial Checklist App, cleaning staff, maintenance personnel, and facility managers can take advantage of intuitive digital templates to ensure that cleaning duties are being done on time, and in accordance with SOPs. Use iAuditor to streamline your cleaning and maintenance process for a cleaner, safer, and more efficient establishment.

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A janitorial checklist app you can use anytime, anywhere

You can use the iAuditor janitorial checklist app even if you are offline. Your inspection and audit data will automatically be saved once you connect to the internet through automatic cloud syncing, ensuring that your information is safe and secure. Take advantage of our pre-made cleaning and maintenance checklists so you can get started right away, convert your pre-existing paper templates to our digital format in seconds via smartscan, or create a new template from scratch using our drag-and-drop smartform builder.

Documentation and reporting made easy

Audit data recorded on paper are susceptible to damage, loss, and unauthorized access. iAuditor’s automatic cloud storage eliminates these problems by ensuring that all inspection data are automatically saved and accessible only to authorized personnel. Aside from unlimited data storage, filters such as time, date, template, employee, and location, make it easier to locate specific data for reference. Lastly, users can instantly generate comprehensive reports upon audit completion so relevant stakeholders are always updated and process visibility is improved with little to no extra effort.

Improve team communication to quickly address issues

With iAuditor’s corrective actions feature, cleaning and maintenance staff can assign tasks mid-inspection to the right people, including third-party contractors outside the organization, to cut the lag time between problem identification and resolution. Set the deadline and priority level for each action so your team can easily prioritize urgent issues.

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Top 5 Industries That Benefit From iAuditor’s Janitorial Checklist App

Cleanliness is an implied quality of a reputable establishment, regardless of the context. Offices, restaurants, and schools, to name a few, are all expected to be clean for the benefit of workers and customers alike. To achieve and maintain cleanliness, an in-house team or third-party contractor is assigned to perform regular and ad hoc cleaning tasks such as dusting, mopping, vacuuming, sanitizing, and polishing.

By using the iAuditor janitorial checklist app, janitors, cleaners, and maintenance personnel can benefit from pre-made digital templates to aid them in their assignments. It will also help managers ensure that cleaning SOPs are being followed by improving accountability via smartforms.

Here are 5 of the top industries that benefit from iAuditor’s janitorial checklist app.


A recent study done by Medscape covering 183 acute care hospitals in the United States revealed that 1 of every 25 inpatients contracted at least one infection per day. Most hospital-acquired infections can be prevented by basic personal hygiene practices such as washing your hands with soap and using hand sanitizers. From a management perspective, cleaning, disinfection, housekeeping, and proper waste management help reduce the likelihood of contracting bacterial infections for patients and hospital workers.


For hotels and other businesses in the hospitality industry, cleanliness is arguably the most important selling point as far as customers are concerned. In a recent survey, over 75% of the respondents cited hotel cleanliness as the main factor in determining whether they will enjoy their stay or not. Hotel duty managers have to enforce housekeeping SOPs to ensure that rooms are cleaned quickly and thoroughly after checkout to help improve operational efficiency and to maintain customer satisfaction.

Food and Beverage

Considering the hefty fines and dire consequences typically associated with FDA health code violations, restaurant owners and managers cannot take the cleanliness of their establishment for granted. Regular cleaning rounds should be implemented for dining tables, seats, floors, bathrooms and other customer areas. Kitchens, freezers, and stockrooms also need to be cleaned to prevent instances of food poisoning and contamination during meal preparation. Maintaining the cleanliness of your restaurant not only improves customer satisfaction, it also helps you pass internal and external audits so you stay compliant with organizational and legal standards.


Cleanliness improves operational efficiency and lowers the risk of injury among workers. Eliminating dust, dirt, and clutter, as well as ensuring tools and equipment are in order, helps workers become more efficient by removing obstacles against productivity. A regular cleaning and maintenance initiative also lowers the chances of slips, trips, and falls—some of the most common causes of injuries and accidents in the manufacturing industry.

General Offices

Implementing an effective cleaning protocol can save money by reducing the risk of workplace injury, which typically results in lost productivity and additional healthcare expenses. A cleaner, safer, and well organized workplace also helps productivity by boosting employee morale.

Numerous business benefits can be attributed to the cleanliness of an establishment. This shows that allocating resources to ensure workplace hygiene is a good investment since it does a lot more than make the office look good. iAuditor’s janitorial checklist app helps businesses achieve and maintain a high standard of workplace cleanliness by improving cleaning efficiency and making communication easier within the organization.

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