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iAuditor as Freight Audit Software

Streamline Freight Audit Reporting With a Mobile Solution

A freight audit software is used by companies to formally validate charges billed by a freight transport service. Typically, a freight audit starts with the collection and recording of invoices wherein possible billing errors such as duplicate and excess charges may be present. Through a successful freight audit, clients can request a refund from the freight transport service if sufficient evidence is presented concerning incorrect charges. With the iAuditor Freight Audit Software for mobile and desktop devices, freight auditors can perform audits offline, customize freight audit templates to fit organizational needs and requirements, and go completely paperless to make data management effortless.

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Less paperwork, better workflow

Stop worrying about stacks of paper reports and manual data sorting. iAuditor by SafetyCulture gives you an easy-to-use digital platform so you spend less time compiling data and more time collecting them. Go paperless and see your productivity skyrocket in no time.

Synchronize teams and processes

iAuditor allows you to assign recurring and ad-hoc freight audits, as well as corrective actions with priority levels and corresponding due dates. Set organizational permissions so that only authorized personnel can view and access selected data and automatically roll out template updates across operations so the entire team is always on the same page.

See the big picture through powerful analytics

Capturing and compiling data via pen and paper is time-consuming and stressful; not to mention, paper reports are susceptible to damage, loss, and unauthorized access. iAuditor helps improve your freight audit process by storing your data using secure cloud technology and turning them into useful insights through powerful web analytics. Identify recurring trends and spot issues that require immediate corrective action to ensure that no problem goes unnoticed before it’s too late.

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iAuditor Freight Audit Software: Taking Your Process to the Next Level

Performing freight audits and producing an effective freight report is no easy feat. A lot could go wrong in between collecting and compiling the numerous invoices that may be involved in a single shipment and identifying billing discrepancies and irregularities. A good freight audit software can help ease this tedious process by introducing useful features through a user-friendly platform.

Using iAuditor as a freight audit software helps professional auditors focus on getting pertinent data while spending minimal effort on the menial aspects of auditing. Below are some of the ways iAuditor can take your freight auditing process to the next level.

The Freight Audit Software for an Efficient and Sustainable Audit Process

For companies, especially in the manufacturing industry, freight shipping is a constant concern. Price hikes and fluctuations can happen at any time, which is why freight shipping clients need to be vigilant when performing freight audits to ensure that they are being charged at a fair rate. Having an easy-to-use freight audit software like iAuditor can help ensure that your shipping charges are consistently accurate.

iAuditor Freight Audit Software Features

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