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The benefits of using a form builder

A quick guide to using iAuditor as your form app

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All types of businesses use forms and templates for internal, external, and legal purposes. Typically, paper is the go-to medium for recording data. This, however, does not mean it is the most efficient. From the creation of templates to data collection, iAuditor's form builder makes everything easier.

The Benefits of Using the iAuditor Form App

  • Eliminate the need to physically store and organize paper forms
  • In a busy organization, paperwork can easily pile-up. Paper forms are bothersome and susceptible to damage and loss. They require lots of storage space and manually organizing them can use up plenty of time and energy otherwise spent on something more productive.

    iAuditor's form app eliminates these problems via unlimited cloud storage to keep the data from your completed forms safe and accessible only to selected personnel. You can also filter your collected data by time, location, department, employees, templates, and more so you can easily find the information you need in seconds.

  • Data compilation and analysis becomes a breeze
  • All of the data collected from your completed forms are automatically pushed to iAuditor’s web app and accessible through the Analytics tab. Here, you can easily get a snapshot of your company’s performance by viewing the results from all completed forms of a certain template e.g. total responses for option A, total responses for option B, etc. Through the use of filters, you can pinpoint and identify specific information in a matter of seconds. No need to manually tally and analyze data from numerous paper forms.

  • Easy drag-and-drop customization of digital forms
  • A powerful form builder doesn’t have to be complicated. iAuditor’s easy drag-and-drop template builder allows you to create and customize forms from scratch in a matter of minutes. The iAuditor form app can also convert your existing paper forms to our digital format through Smartscan. Additionally, our public library contains thousands of pre-made forms and templates ready for use.

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How to Use iAuditor as your Form App

  1. Convert an existing paper checklist or create one from scratch.
  2. You can now use your digital form anywhere using your mobile phone or tablet even while offline. You can also distribute the form to the appropriate personnel through the app.
  3. Once completed, the data from the digital form is automatically uploaded to the cloud to serve as your backup. If your inspection or assessment was done offline, the data will automatically sync the next time you connect to the internet.
  4. You can generate digital reports of your completed forms even while offline. These reports can also be distributed automatically to select personnel once a form or template is successfully completed. Reports can be exported in various formats for distribution.
  5. Lastly, iAuditor can be integrated with external Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and Excel Online to automate your workflow each time a form is completed.

How much does iAuditor cost?

iAuditor operates on a “freemium” format. You can use the app for free, or sign up for a premium plan with valuable additional features at an affordable price. Check out the current pricing plans for iAuditor and see how much money you can save with a premium plan for your organization.

What devices does iAuditor support?

iAuditor is available on iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android, and your browser via the web app.

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