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Your forklift operators need to lift heavy loads, safely navigate through aisles, and watch out for pedestrians. They need to do all these and more as quickly as possible. The iAuditor Forklift App empowers your team to streamline inspections and post-inspection tasks, helping them focus better on operating their forklifts as safe as possible.

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Efficient, cloud-based forklift inspections

No more pens, papers, and separate cameras—with iAuditor, all your operators need during inspections is a mobile device. The iAuditor forklift app allows you to eliminate paperwork and fill-out digital checklists, capture photos, annotate them, and generate a report instantly with just a few taps. No need to dive through piles of paperwork when presenting proof of compliance to OSHA because your forklifts’ records of service are all secure in the cloud.

A more streamlined process, from inspection scheduling to reports generation

Gone are the days of extra trips to the office and extra steps for retrieving photos. This forklift app lets you instantly send reports (with complete attachments and notes) to whoever needs it via email. You also have the power to remotely schedule and assign tasks (e.g. monthly or quarterly maintenance schedules) to your operators via iAuditor's Scheduling function.

Immediately detect critical safety issues, assign corrective actions, and monitor their status

Your operators can immediately notify you and maintenance personnel of any disrepair or malfunction. Have quick access to this information across all your sites, make immediate decisions, and avoid costly forklift downtime. Easily monitor status of corrective actions through the web dashboard and ensure timely closure of action items.

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iAuditor features

All-in-one mobile app for your forklift safety processes.

Customize your own digital checklists for forklift inspections, work orders, quality checks, and more—all within iAuditor.

Add logic to forklift checklists

No need for operators to go through non-applicable form fields when doing inspections. This helps them focus more on what's important.

Inspect offline

Perform inspections on any Apple, Android, and Windows mobile device even while offline. Data will auto-sync once connected to the internet.

Real-time access to critical forklift data

Have a central web dashboard that empowers you to immediately spot recurring forklift issues and make corrective action plans.

Easy integration into your workflow

You can integrate iAuditor with business software systems such as Tableau, Power BI, Excel Online, and Google Sheets to streamline your workflow.

Fill-out form fields with in-app barcode scanner

Use iAuditor's barcode scanner to easily identify barcode-marked forklifts and safety equipment.

Time-track forklift inspections

Monitor your operators' inspection performance and identify opportunities for efficiency.

World-class customer service

With iAuditor, you can rely on top-notch 24/5 support for your requests or concerns.

A forklift daily checklist is used prior to the daily operation of a forklift to ensure that it is in good working condition. This forklift daily inspection checklist is divided into two parts: (1) before starting the engine and (2) after starting the engine.

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A forklift inspection checklist is used for monthly monitoring of the forklift’s condition. This checklist evaluates the overall condition of the forklift and the operator’s operating practices.

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A forklift safety checklist is used by managers to audit the competency of a forklift operator to ensure safety in the overall operation of the forklift.

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Used for more than 50+ million inspections in over 80 countries.

From hotels and airports, to construction sites and supermarkets, iAuditor helps businesses get results.

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