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A Better Way to Create an FAI Report

A first article inspection app is a digital tool designed to assist quality inspectors as they verify if the first batch of manufactured products comply with quality standards and customer specifications. It enables quality teams to streamline FAI activities, improving both efficiency and productivity. With the iAuditor first article inspection app, quality personnel can quickly document information through a mobile phone or tablet, take pictures of notable findings such as non-compliance and defects, and automatically generate an FAI report that can be shared with clients and co-workers in real-time.

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Less paperwork, better workflow

Eliminate stacks of paper forms and inspection records. The iAuditor first article inspection app can easily convert your paper forms into digital ones that you can use on the go, even while offline. The less time you spend organizing files and documents, the more work you can get done.

Keep all your data in one place

Automatically store your data via unlimited and secure cloud storage and easily access them from your phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

See the big picture

Take your operation to new heights by turning your data into actionable insights. Spot trends that matter through iAuditor’s data analytics and identify issues that require immediate corrective action. Gain visibility into high-performing sites and teams so you can roll out best practices across your organization.

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How iAuditor Can Improve Your First Article Inspection Process

No quality management system can thrive without a good first article inspection process. The accuracy and efficiency of first article inspection reports are crucial to both contractors and clients, especially those in the aviation and aerospace industry where safety cannot be compromised.

Going paperless helps your quality inspectors collect data and generate reports faster. With the iAuditor first article inspection app, identified defects and non-compliance are easily documented. Corrective actions, including level of urgency and deadlines, can be assigned to workers in real-time so adjustments can be made ASAP.

This is what your future could look like with the iAuditor first article inspection app:

  1. Your inspection process will always be streamlined

    With iAuditor, you can easily convert an existing first article inspection template to digital format or create a new one to roll out to quality teams across sites. This ensures that the same best practices are being followed across all branches of your operation so FAI standards are maintained.

  2. Generating and sharing first article inspection reports become automatic

    After completing your first article inspection report template and conducting an inspection, you can immediately generate a report without having to manually compile inspection data. Set automatic sharing on so generated reports are regularly sent to quality supervisors, managers, and other stakeholders.

  3. You will always be updated on assigned corrective actions

    The iAuditor first article inspection app allows quality teams to assign corrective actions, including level of urgency and deadlines, to appropriate personnel. Through the web dashboard, managers can check which actions have been assigned, are in progress, or have been completed.

  4. Your workflow becomes automated

    You can integrate iAuditor with business intelligence tools such as Tableau, Power BI, Excel Online, and Google Sheets. This allows you to use your inspection data to create drag and drop visualizations, as well as automatically updated online spreadsheets with inspection data each time a first article inspection is completed.

  5. You can quickly make sense of your data with powerful analytics

    With all of your inspection data flowing back to iAuditor’s powerful analytics tool, you can immediately gain actionable insights from the web app. Have the ability to filter data by inspection, date and time, department, personnel, and site so you can pinpoint the root of the issue instead of trying to fix the symptoms.

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