Facility Management Software:

Top 5 Challenges to Implementation

As a computer-aided facility management (CAFM) tool, facility management (FM) software enables facility/maintenance managers to automate routine requests,streamline work order processes, and proactively deal with issues through a web-based dashboard.

Given the value and benefits of FM software, it is not surprising that many organizations have begun to adopt this system and utilize its strengths. However, acquiring FM software is not as easy as it seems. Companies encounter challenges when introducing FM software to their employees and contractors—challenges that are usually the result of factors being overlooked—resulting in low adoption rates for FM software implementation in general.

Here are the top 5 implementation challenges facility managers should take note of when championing an FM software solution in their respective organizations:


1. Insufficient change management planning

Often, change management planning does not sufficiently cover events that can affect implementation, such as the company’s growth, software upgrades and updates, and sudden changes in the hardware needed to operate the FM software. Change management planning should factor in and carefully examine these events, and prepare action plans to address related issues. This helps ensure that the implementation can be sustained in the face of these events.

2. Software features do not support business requirements

"One size does not fit all.”

Some organizations fail to cross-check if the chosen FM software ticks all the boxes when it comes to their business requirements. A facility manager may want certain features in the FM software, such as work order management, automated issuance of corrective actions, a unified record system, offline inspections, and comprehensive data analytics. Different facility managers will have varying preferences regarding the required set of features, so it is imperative that they prepare a set of FM software options and help choose the best one that will meet their business needs.

3. Not securing buy-in from customers

Some FM software implementations fail because user acceptance tests (UAT) were not conducted on the proper end-users, such as building inspectors and contractors. There will always be those ready to accept new technology and those who aren’t, so you must secure buy-in from both parties.

For the initiative to succeed, a facility manager should help end-users clearly understand why the change is needed, how the FM software/app can help them perform their work better, and ultimately, how it can improve the quality of life for everyone in the facility. Enroll them in UATs and get them excited about the software’s benefits to get them onboard at the onset.

4. Lack of integration to other software

FM software does not really solve a company’s facility management issues if it cannot work with other business software. It may digitize processes, but it will still make them tedious for end users because data would need to be transferred manually from software to software.

An exceptional FM software solution should be able to “talk” with other software and allow possibilities for deep-level integrations in order to function as a single unit, helping end users become more productive in their roles.

5. Unavailability of reliable technical support

With every new software, there will always arise new questions and concerns. If the facility manager and users can’t have solid customer support to rely on , they may “fall out of love” with the software. This can result in them reverting to manual methods, and missing out on the power and benefits of an FM software solution.

Facility managers should always consider the availability of reliable technical support that can accurately and promptly address users’ concerns regarding the FM software.

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