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Guarantee Equipment Safety With Every Use of an Equipment Inspection Software

An equipment inspection software is a robust tool that allows users to capture detailed inspections of the equipment assigned to them and ensure that they are safe before and after usage. With the iAuditor Equipment Inspection Software, you can keep track of a wide range of equipment such as personal protection equipment, forklift, excavators, scaffolding, and elevators. With a single powerful equipment inspection app, you can streamline equipment inspection requirements and ensure equipment safety with every use.
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Efficient yet comprehensive equipment inspections with an Equipment Inspection Software

The condition of your equipment assets is vital to your operations. The iAuditor Equipment Inspection Software allows you to build digital checklists so you can perform efficient and comprehensive inspections on the go—whether online or offline. iAuditor’s dashboard also provides you a quick overview of the overall fitness of your assets and any serious defects that need immediate attention.

Lessen manual re-entry of inspection data with automated reports

Manually compiling equipment inspection results into a comprehensible report is time-consuming and, frankly, just not fun. With an equipment inspection software, users can focus on performing their jobs safely, as professional reports are auto-generated after every inspection and delivered with ease to key recipients.

Easily retrieve equipment inspection records

With iAuditor, you won’t have to worry about losing important equipment inspection records. Data gathered from every equipment inspection is automatically stored by iAuditor via secure cloud storage, from which you can easily access and retrieve data at any time.

Equipment Inspection Software: 7 Types of Operators that Have Adopted the Technology

The world is seeing increasing growth in industrialization and urbanization. This trend is not expected to slow down soon, and by 2050, it is expected that two-thirds of the global population will live in urban and developed societies. To address this growth, the construction industry is needed more than ever to support the global demand for infrastructure. Efficiency is needed in completing projects while also ensuring that the utmost level of safety and quality is observed with every move on the site. Thanks to technological advancements, there is a way to do just that.
With the help of an equipment inspection software, equipment operators in construction sites have been able to ensure that their assigned equipment is in the best operational state before commencing work. This digital solution has helped them streamline their inspections and focus on ensuring safe operations. Ultimately, it helps their company meet continuously growing business demands while also maintaining a high level of safety at the site.

To give you some examples, here are 7 types of operators that have integrated equipment inspection software into their workflow to improve their respective asset management programs:

Crane Operators

crane equipment inspection software

Crane operators use equipment inspection software as a vital job aid in following safety procedures and to help identify equipment damage and defects prior to operating cranes. With the use of a mobile device, they use pre-uploaded crane inspection checklists to inspect a tower crane before, during, and after operational shifts.

Equipment inspection often begins with visual pre-operation checks on the heavy equipment. After which, inspectors evaluate work permits, emergency controls, and the stability of other crane components. Should there be any issues, they take photos of the defect and use the equipment inspection software to issue corrective actions.


Forklift Operators

forklift equipment inspection software

Forklifts are crucial construction equipment that helps move things faster in a construction site. A single, inoperable forklift can significantly hamper logistics efficiency, and its downtime can be costly to the business. With the help of an equipment inspection software, forklift operators can conduct efficient daily heavy equipment inspections to help in reducing the likelihood of workplace injuries and deaths caused by faulty forklifts.


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Users

PPE equipment inspection software

PPE Safety Checklists are used by site safety supervisors to help identify tasks that require PPE and ensure that their team is provided the right protective equipment at all times. Using an equipment inspection software, they are able to assess the potential hazards inherent in their type of construction work and set standards on appropriate PPE before handing them over to workers. They can use the inspection tool to perform efficient PPE inspections and automate tasks, such as report generation and action assignment.


Excavator Operator

excavator equipment inspection software


Operators of excavators use an equipment inspection app pre-operation to evaluate the jobsite, utilities and equipment, access means, area atmosphere, and support systems. This ensures that issues are identified and resolved before starting excavation and trenching. By having the ability to conduct heavy equipment inspections on a mobile device even without an internet connection and auto-generate quality reports on the go, they are able to save time and focus more on safety.


Safety Harness Equipment Users

safety harness equipment inspection software

Occupational health and safety regulators around the world such as OSHA, HSE, and SafeWork require regular inspections and proper maintenance or storage of fall protection equipment. With the aid of an equipment inspection software, construction sites are able to efficiently comply with this requirement.

They use digital safety harness inspection checklists to verify the integrity of safety harnesses and reduce the risk of falling at their sites. They are also able to comprehensively check if aspects of the safety harness equipment (e.g., labeling, webbing, stitching, D-rings, lanyards, and snap hook-ends) are in good condition before letting workers use them.



scaffolding equipment inspection software

It is crucial that erectors and users involved in scaffolding work are protected through scaffolding safety inspections. Through scaffold inspections done with the equipment inspection software, scaffolders are able to manage and control the inherent risks of scaffolding work. This digital tool helps them easily record and report the apparent and underlying hazards that threaten stability of the ground and the scaffolding structure they are working on.


Heavy Vehicle Drivers

heavy vehicle equipment inspection software

Heavy vehicles are equipment used thoroughly at construction sites. It is critical that they undergo regular inspections, but at the same time, these inspections also need to be done efficiently to avoid impeding operations.With the help of an equipment inspection software, drivers of these heavy vehicles can create different checklists, such as general heavy vehicle inspections, daily truck maintenance, driver training, and accident report forms. With all these forms in one central app, they won’t have to bring piles of paperwork into the vehicle.


Ensuring that operating equipment remains as safe as possible is vital in having a successful construction project. As such, it is important to be equipped with technology such as an equipment inspection software that helps you provide a safe working environment for equipment operators while also providing the best quality of work for construction projects.

iAuditor Equipment Inspection Software Features

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