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Help your inspectors make their electrical inspection process more efficient and systematic - from scheduling to issuance of electronic Certificates of Compliance (COCs). Save invaluable time, boost your inspectors' productivity, improve communication, and upgrade operational efficiency.

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Build an automated workflow with an Electrical App

No need to manually schedule electrical inspections and send reports and COCs. With iAuditor, electrical inspectors can save time and effort by automating the scheduling of tasks, issuing corrective actions, and sending reports and COCs.

Issue an Electrical Certificate of Compliance on the spot and safely store it in the cloud

All Electrical Certificates of Compliance or COCs can be immediately sent to the clients once the inspection is done. COCs (which often have a 5 to 7-year retention period) are automatically saved and securely stored in iAuditor’s cloud. Electrical inspectors can easily access reports and COCs at any time and refer to old audits when needed.

Get an all-in-one electrical app for your business processes

Through iAuditor, electrical firms can transform their paper checklists and forms to digital ones, enabling them to have what they need in a single app. An electrical app can also help streamline operations and maximize ROI. Featured checklists and downloadable form templates for electrical inspection, the scope of work, method statement, risk assessment, and electrical COC are available via iAuditor.

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All About Electrical Inspections

Electrical inspections are conducted by electrical servicing companies to ensure a property’s compliance with electrical safety laws and regulations. An electrical app aids these firms to simplify their processes, from scheduling of inspections to the issuance of Electrical Certificates of Compliance (COC).

During an electrical inspection, a property’s electrical equipment undergo quality and safety checks to ensure that they are in working condition before being operated. Inspections are often accompanied by site walkthroughs to detect and record electrical hazards. Reports generated after electrical inspections should provide an overall assessment of the worksite, trainings provided, and equipment used, and also present general recommendations on areas for improvement. Failure to conduct regular electrical inspections can lead to accidents caused by electric shock or even death.

Traditionally, the electrical inspector’s findings and observations are recorded manually on paper. Further, they have to go back to the office, review all observations, and create an Electrical Certificate of Compliance if the client’s property has been proven to be compliant. This cumbersome process makes critical data susceptible to damage and loss, in addition to the storage and organization issues it presents.

A good electrical inspection software such as iAuditor by SafetyCulture can solve this problem by converting paper forms into digital ones. The convenience of using digital checklists can speed up and improve the overall inspection and reporting process. As technology evolves, the electrical inspection service industry has turned to digital and mobile solutions to improve its inspection workflows. Electrical apps have made the management of electrical inspections, from scheduling to the issuance of electronic Certificates of Compliance (COCs), more efficient and systematic. These apps yield businesses invaluable time savings, productivity boosts, improved communication, and upgrades in operational efficiency.

Electrical Inspections Using iAuditor as Electrical App

The convenience of using iAuditor inspection app on a handheld device can solve traditional paper form issues in 3 simple steps.

Convert Paper Forms Into Digital Ones or Create a New Template

iAuditor’s template builder can easily convert your existing paper form to a digital template that you can use in the electrical app. All you need to do is take a clear picture of your paper checklist, upload it to the app, and wait for a few seconds until the conversion is complete. Lastly, you can create a new template through the web or mobile app using our easy, drag-and-drop template builder.

Perform Electrical Inspections, Minus the Paper Forms

Using your new digital template, perform your electrical inspection with the iAuditor mobile app. Record your findings and observations using your android phone, iPhone, tablet, or Windows phone. You can complete your inspection even while offline. The data from the inspection will automatically sync to the cloud for storage and easy access the next time you connect to the Internet.

Generate a Report Immediately

After completing your electrical inspection, you can immediately generate a comprehensive report (in PDF, Word, or CSV) and Electrical Safety Certificate. You can choose to instantly share them to your clients and personnel from your organization. You can also create a web link to share with your client so they can review your completed report.

Failed items from inspections are compiled and highlighted in the first part of the report for easier recognition. This also makes it easier to triage issues discovered during the inspection.

iAuditor Electrical App Features

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