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Help your inspectors make their electrical inspection process more efficient and systematic - from scheduling to issuance of electronic Certificates of Compliance (COCs). Save invaluable time, boost your inspectors' productivity, improve communication, and upgrade operational efficiency.

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Build an automated workflow for electrical inspections

No need to manually schedule electrical inspections and send reports and COCs. With iAuditor, electrical inspectors can save time and effort by automating scheduling of tasks, issuing corrective actions, and sending reports and COCs.

Issue an Electrical Certificate of Compliance on the spot and safely store it in the cloud

All Electrical Certificates of Compliance or COCs can be immediately sent to the clients once the inspection is done. COCs (which often have a 5 to 7-year retention period) are automatically saved and securely stored in iAuditor’s cloud. Electrical inspectors can easily access reports and COCs at any time and refer to old audits when needed.

Get an all-in-one electrical app for your business processes

Through iAuditor, electrical firms can transform their paper checklists and forms to digital ones, enabling them to have what they need in a single app. An electrical app can also help streamline operations and maximize ROI. Featured checklists and downloadable form templates for electrical inspection, scope of work, method statement, risk assessment, and electrical COC are available via iAuditor.

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iAuditor Electrical App Features

Create interactive, shareable inspection forms with conditional logic and reference guides

Convert existing paper electrical inspection checklists into smart digital forms that inspectors and admin teams can easily access, share, and use with their mobile devices—both offline and online.

Admins to pre-fill forms with pertinent client information before an inspector’s visit

Application of smart fields to enable electrical inspectors to skip non-applicable questions and focus on what’s important

Attachment of guide text, photos, and links into electrical inspection forms to provide helpful reference guides

Uploading of data via CSV (e.g. electrical inspectors’ license numbers) to pre-populate form fields and help inspectors fill-out forms faster

Inspect offline

Perform inspections on any Apple, Android, and Windows mobile device even while offline. Data will auto-sync once connected to the internet

Easily facilitate integrations between your electrical app and other business apps.

Augment the power of iAuditor by integrating it with third-party business apps you already use. Connect apps such as Business Intelligence (BI) tools, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, project tracking tools, and file hosting services to have an integrated system of managing electrical inspections

Time-track electrical inspections

Monitor your inspectors' performance and identify opportunities for inspection efficiency.

Get access to critical insights and quickly act on them

Have a pulse of your firm’s past and present performance. Enable your team to closely monitor corrective actions, track inspection schedules, and identify areas for improvement.

World-class customer service

With iAuditor, you can rely on top-notch 24/5 support for your requests or concerns.

Use this template to assess the compliance of electrical safety measures for a given worksite and inspect the electrical tools and equipment being used.

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This report can be used by a trained professional or authorized electrician when conducting an electrical installation inspection.

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This COC template can be used by electrical inspection servicing companies to certify clients whose property has been proven to comply with national regulations on electrical installations.

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Used for more than 50+ million inspections in over 80 countries.

From hotels and airports, to construction sites and supermarkets, iAuditor helps businesses get results.

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