Top 10 Contractor Sign In Software of 2024

Why use SafetyCulture?

A top-rated digital solutions provider, SafetyCulture enables companies to automate various elements of their operations, including registering contractors, third-party partners, and visitors before they enter their premises. By leveraging its numerous features, facility managers and security personnel can efficiently track guests, monitor their activities, and enhance their visitor experience while on-site. Ultimately, organizations can improve their security efforts and avoid unauthorized access into their restricted areas, which could lead to breaches, theft, and damage. 


  • Reduce wait times and accelerate the registration process at the front desk by using digital templates on mobile devices to sign in visitors.
  • Accurately verify the identity and category of visitors by utilizing QR codes with digital signatures and time stamps, leveraging the platform’s geo-tagging capabilities to determine the specific location of the visitors on-site. 
  • Expand the security functionality of the system by integrating it with other security platforms, access control equipment, and databases. 
  • Inform departments or specific personnel about visits from suppliers or service providers by notifying them in real time. 
  • Collate relevant data about sign-ins, complete with photo and video documentation, for storage, analysis, and compliance. 

Why use Envoy Visitors?

Companies that seek to secure their work environment and still extend a warm welcome to their staff, partners, and guests would greatly benefit from Envoy. This digital solution ensures that everyone walking into the business premises has undergone basic background checks, signed the necessary legal documents, and given temporary IDs without delay. 


  • Customizable sign-ins with visitor screening
  • Photo capture and digital document signing
  • Instant notifications to employees

Why use Sign In App?

This flexible and easy-to-use visitor management solution streamlines the guest registration process across the organization’s sites. By replacing paper forms with RFID and QR codes, visitors don’t have to spend so much time waiting in long queues or filling up long questionnaires. More importantly, companies can guarantee that their premises are secure at all times.  


  • Pre-registration and contactless sign-ins
  • Messages, Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), and policies
  • Staff and contractor management

Why use MRI OnLocation?

This visitor management software improves security by giving facility managers visibility into the entire operations, specifically at the front desk. With OnLocation, companies can track guests and non-authorized personnel via their interactive map, schedule meetings between employees and visitors, and send reminders about proper check-out processes. 


  • Pre-registration and touchless sign-ins
  • Security alerts
  • AI-driven footfall analytics

Why use Honeywell Forge Visitor and Contractor Management?

Formerly known as Sine, Honeywell Forge’s Visitor and Contractor Management system is the perfect tool for tracking the comings and goings of the entire workforce, contractors, and visitors. All its features, accessible via any mobile device, help facility managers collect and store guest records, send notifications, and provide strict security across various sites.  


  • Smart check-ins
  • Automated compliance forms
  • Centralized digitized approvals

Why use Sign In Enterprise?

Formerly known as Traction Guest, Sign In Enterprise is a cloud-based visitor management system that replaces traditional paper registration forms with mobile devices when checking guests into the company’s premises. Aside from printing out badges, signing NDAs, and taking photos, the system also provides airport-grade verification and parking management, making this the perfect tool for large enterprises.  


  • Enterprise-wide visitor management with contactless sign-ins
  • Watchlist screening, approvals, and contracts
  • Multi-location global standardization

Why use SwipedOn?

SwipedOn is one of the most efficient and straightforward visitor and contractor sign-in software solutions. Not only does this streamline various front desk tasks, but this digital tool is also low-cost, user-friendly, and quick to set up. 


  • Employee and contractor sign-in
  • Resource booking
  • Integrations with business tools

Why use The Receptionist for iPad?

Used by thousands of companies all over the world, from small start-ups with a dozen employees to larger conglomerates with tens of thousands of workers, The Receptionist for iPad is a beneficial tool for numerous repetitive tasks that the front-of-house needs to do daily, including guest tracking, visitor activity monitoring, and even badge printing. 


  • Contactless check-in with photo capture
  • Visitor pre-registration notification
  • Expedited check-ins for returning visitors

Why use Greetly?

Trusted by top organizations worldwide, Greetly by OfficeSpace ensures that the workplace is safe and secure by allowing the management to capture e-signatures and photos of guests, take note of the reason for their visit, and print badges that they need to wear on the premises.  


  • Digital receptionist with unlimited visitor and employee check-ins
  • Voice, text, and e-mail notifications
  • Integration with other business tools

Why use LobbyGuard?

Created by Raptor Technologies, this contractor sign-in software helps businesses across industries to facilitate contactless check-ins, effectively screen guests before entry, and provide a welcome experience throughout their stay. Aside from the software, they also offer the LobbyGuard Kiosk, which comes with a touchscreen, barcode scanner, and camera.  


  • Scheduled sign-ins
  • Quick ID scans
  • Printable visitor badges

What is Contractor Sign In Software?

Contractor sign-in software is a digital tool that streamlines the process of monitoring and recording the ingress and egress of contractors, visitors, and third-party service providers at the premises of an organization. With features like mobile registration, digital check-ins, and pre-programmed badge printing, the company’s facility managers and security personnel can effectively safeguard the workforce, assets, and the entire property.


Software solutions for contractor and visitor sign-ins are often overlooked. Most companies, even massive conglomerates, tend to stick to more traditional ways, like having guests show their ID cards and fill up a paper form before allowing them in. The truth is visitor management systems offer numerous benefits. Here are some:

  • Defends against theft and damage – Physical security risks pose numerous consequences to companies. Theft and damage are already incredibly problematic since this leads to cash flow problems and could result in reduced profits and even bankruptcy. The possibility of data breaches through unauthorized access to the company’s physical IT infrastructure is a more serious threat.
  • Prevents data breaches – In 2022, more than 400 million people were negatively affected by data leaks and exposures. While most of these resulted from crafty hacking techniques, weak physical security in facilities is also a culprit. Visitors not properly vetted can infiltrate restricted areas, forge control credentials, and steal sensitive documents for personal gain.
  • Increases overall efficiency of visitor registration – Automating sign-in processes is faster, time-saving, and less stressful for both the guest and the front-of-house staff. Not only can the company track and record the entry and exit of people more efficiently, but it can also add waivers, health screenings, and even safety videos.
  • Ensures compliance with data-related mandates – Physical trespasses on the company’s restricted sites could lead to data breaches. This occurrence doesn’t just damage the company’s reputation. It could also result in hefty fines and penalties when the company is found to be negligent in security measures.
  • Improves safety toward increased operational performance – When workers feel secure in their environment because access protocols are strictly enforced, they function better and contribute more to the company.

Key Features

Visitor or contractor management systems are built in as a reporting tool in more comprehensive platforms such as ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). Fortunately, there are a few software solutions specifically designed for this. Whichever your company chooses, make sure it has the following features:

Selecting the Right Contractor Sign In Software

Any option in the list can enable your company to maintain a high level of security by streamlining the various processes required to monitor visitors in your premises. Take another look at all of them in the summary below.

Contractor Sign-In Software Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Envoy Visitors Yes $109/location/month* Yes
Sign In App No $460/year Yes
MRI OnLocation No $599 annual fee Yes
Honeywell Forge Visitor and Contractor Management No $69/site/month* Yes
Sign In Enterprise No Contact for pricing Yes
SwipedOn No $19/month* Yes
The Receptionist for iPad No $50/month* Yes
Greetly No $99/month* Yes
LobbyGuard No Contact for pricing Yes

* billed annually

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