Monitor and perform inspections to strengthen compliance with regulations.

iAuditor as Compliance Management Software

An Easier Way for Your Team to Manage Compliance Issues

A compliance management software is a mobile tool that helps manage and streamline compliance activities across the organization. It enables employees to gain accurate data and real-time visibility on hazards and risks, thus effectively helping mitigate or control compliance issues. With the iAuditor compliance management software, you can significantly sustain and strengthen your compliance with regulations through a simple and less time-consuming process. Allowing you to move beyond compliance, iAuditor helps build a proactive culture where everyone takes their quality and risk management to another level.
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Get everyone on the same paperless page.
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Available on iOS, Android and Web

Less paperwork, better workflow

Replace the traditional tick and flip of paper workflows with digital checklists that allow you to save time and ensure the accurate and consistent gathering of data via the compliance management software. Access your forms anytime, anywhere with iAuditor.

Take proactive measures to reduce compliance issues

Build a proactive culture by performing regular checks. Improve risk management and drive accountability with scheduled inspections.

Get real-time visibility into your compliance, productivity, accuracy, and more

See what’s happening across your sites wherever you are. Get a pulse of issues that need your attention, frequency of inspections conducted, status of corrective actions assigned, and performance of your inspections over time.

Bring Your “A” Game With a Compliance Management Software

Compliance refers to adhering to legal obligations in order to protect the health, safety, and welfare of others. Often, compliance is also important to help protect the environment. Fully achieving compliance is no easy task because it entails a lot of time and effort—often requiring the breakdown and assessment of relevant business processes and operations. Companies found non-compliant suffer through costly fines that could add up to millions of dollars, criminal charges, or even business closure. Meanwhile, companies that treat compliance as a long-term goal are able to take advantage of benefits such as the following:

  1. Business growth
    As you comply with legal obligations, you raise your company’s operations quality to a higher level, which then opens up more opportunities for your business.
  2. Reduced legal problems
    Compliance saves your company from costly legal ramifications such as fines, penalties, lawsuits, work stoppages, and even business closure.
  3. Improved operations and safety
    Many regulations, like HACCP and GMP, help businesses build a strong safety and quality culture. Establishing best practices when you comply with regulations allows you to strengthen and safeguard your company’s overall operations.
  4. Better public relations
    As you meet legal obligations, you also put your business in a better position in the public eye. You raise your company’s authority and increase your positive exposure to your target audience.
  5. Higher employee retention
    Some mandatory regulations deal with protecting employees and their working environment. The more your team feels they are working in a fair, professional, and safe environment, the more likely they will stay and do their best work.

Move Beyond Compliance and Start Building a Proactive Culture in Your Organization

Running a compliance program that is heavy on paperwork is time-consuming and hard to keep track of. All this unnecessary paperwork can also lead to difficulties in gathering the necessary documents to create a report, delays in getting the necessary actions done on time, and challenges making sense of all the data you have.

Using the iAuditor compliance management software, you can improve the efficiency of compliance controls and proactively address compliance issues as they arise—ultimately improving overall business performance.

iAuditor Compliance Management Features

  • Smart Forms

    Make inspections quicker and easier with smart inspection forms you can setup in minutes with our drag and drop template builder

  • Inspections

    Collect detailed information with a great inspection software and be able to access it anytime, anywhere

  • Fast Reporting

    Get a comprehensive inspection report when you complete an inspection. Share across your organization with just a tap of a finger

  • Insights & Analytics

    Get an instant view of what's happening out on the field. Spot areas of improvement and turn it into opportunities to drive your business forward

  • Collaborative Actions

    Resolve issues as they arise. Provide context, photo evidence, and mark how critical it is so everyone can make sense of the problem and resolve it without a hitch

  • Workflow Automation

    Share templates and schedule inspections with just a click

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