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Make inspections simple and easier for businesses with a cleaning inspection app to see and understand their data

A cleaning inspection app is a digital tool used to maintain the quality of cleanliness and services provided by the business. It is used to record the details of inspections such as damages, improvements needs, and employee negligence. iAuditor cleaning inspection app is a web and mobile platform solution that helps streamline cleaning inspections and reporting processes.

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Cleaning Inspection Software for easy inspection

A paperless solution for easy creation and handover of end-of-shift cleaning inspection reports. iAuditor has the ability to capture unlimited before and after cleaning photos for easy reference in assessing the tasks performed by contract staff and janitors.

Improve Cleaning Standards

Monitor cleaning QA assessment scores across the entire client site network with this cleaning management software. Check the online analytics dashboard to supervise KPIs and set QA benchmarks. Drill down into underperforming sites and review frequently failed items for further improve the business.

Monitor Cleaning Standards

Command Center has visibility of all inspections being performed on-site in real-time. It can take immediate action to re-clean the tasks that fall outside agreed-upon client SLAs. With iAuditor cleaning inspection app, you can monitor cleaning inspections to run a smarter business.

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iAuditor Cleaning Inspection App for Commercial Cleaning and Janitor Management

The commercial cleaning industry like all other industries has undergone rapid technological change and challenges. Commercial cleaning and janitor businesses that are embracing this change have turned to cloud-based software tools to transform their workplace operations, improve standards and maintain their competitiveness. Capture more data and help management make more informed decisions.

iAuditor cleaning inspection app helps to streamline cleaning inspections to effectively implement housekeeping SOPs in commercial businesses. With iAuditor, you can:

Schedule inspections

Never miss out on inspections and know when assigned tasks are completed. Set up recurring and regular inspections on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Be consistent with the set standards

Cleaning inspections should be frequent enough to provide the right amount of data. Use a cleaning inspection app to be consistent on the items you are tracking. Take photo evidence, annotate, and attach detailed notes for a more comprehensive report.

Create corrective actions

Immediately rectify identified hazards and assign it to a respective person. You can set the due date, and determine the priority level within the app for immediate remediation.

Identify training needs

With the gathered information, you can easily identify the training needs of your employees. Benchmark the set standards to evaluate employees fairly.

Generate on-site reports

With a tap of a finger, you can easily generate and share on-site reports within the organization. The higher levels can have visibility on how specific targets are being met and what are the plans and recommendations of the attending supervisor.

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