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Published February 5th, 2021

What is Car Maintenance Software?

Car maintenance software is designed to assist automotive technicians in keeping cars in good working condition. Car maintenance software helps identify and resolve issues quickly through consistent checks and easy data collection, making the car maintenance process more convenient and hassle-free.

3 Essential Car Maintenance Tips

Failure to implement an effective car maintenance or auto repair system can result in less business and more customer complaints. To help avoid these, here are essential car maintenance tips for both automotive technicians and auto repair shop managers:

Perform Checks Consistently

Automotive technicians can usually tell if a car is likely to have problems through routine car maintenance. A general maintenance check of the car, along with separate checks for each car function, can be scheduled to ensure that potential issues are caught before they become real problems.

How Car Maintenance Software Can Help

Car maintenance software enables auto repair shop managers to assign checks to select automotive technicians. Scheduled car maintenance checks have a “start at” and “complete by” time, and auto repair shop managers are automatically informed when a scheduled car maintenance check is completed or missed. Recurring car maintenance checks can be scheduled for general and specific assessments to ensure that nothing is missed. Aside from scheduling car maintenance, auto repair shop managers can monitor the number of failed items and the status of corrective actions. Auto repair shop managers can also set reminders to ensure that car maintenance tasks are performed and completed on time.

Pay Attention to Details

Car maintenance needs to be taken seriously as it is critical to the safety of the car owners and reputability of the auto repair shop. Managers need to ensure that car maintenance checks are completed correctly. This means no skipped items, no rushed assessments, and no vague observations. By including photos, annotations, and notes, automotive technicians get a comprehensive view of the car’s condition.

How Car Maintenance Software Can Help

Approaches to car maintenance can differ by vehicle or auto repair shop. Whichever way is best, car maintenance software allows the process to be customized according to car manufacturer specifications or however the automotive technician sees fit. With car maintenance software, auto repair shop managers can set specific response types for automotive technicians to fill. By using car maintenance software, auto repair shop managers get the information they need and automotive technicians spend less time figuring out how to conduct an inspection.

Take a Systematic Approach

Aside from addressing isolated issues as they appear, auto repair shop managers can use the data gathered from car maintenance checks to recognize recurring problems and resolve them at the root. For example, if there are customer complaints regarding tire failures, a review of the auto repair shop’s collective data could reveal that this issue occurs frequently when the tire’s tread depth has dipped below average due to wear-and-tear. This and other data gathered by car maintenance software can be very helpful when inspecting a large number of cars daily. 

How Car Maintenance Software Can Help

Data from individual car maintenance checks can be synced in real-time using a software solution. Auto repair shop managers can review and analyze their findings through analytics so that they know which issues need to be addressed. Analytics can provide a visual overview of car maintenance using a single dashboard. Auto repair shop managers can even filter information to review data specific to location, time, and automotive technician to pinpoint problems early.

Car Maintenance Software in the Auto Repair Industry

The auto repair industry faced serious challenges in 2020, with a projected loss of $1.8 billion from economic disruptions caused by the pandemic. However, the auto repair industry is expected to recover this year, with 18% of American households using an auto repair service and a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7%. The global auto repair and maintenance market may even reach $828.6 billion in 2023, from $691.7 billion in 2020 and $693.5 billion in 2019.

While it can be tempting to just sit back and relax with such a bright future ahead, auto repair shops should still be vigilant in understanding new tools and trends. As with other industries, technology is increasingly becoming more and more integrated into how auto repair shops work. Car maintenance companies are using IoT to get real-time data on components through sensors in vehicles. Another industry trend is telematics, which collects and transmits data on vehicle use, maintenance requirements, and automotive servicing. Car maintenance software can help auto repair shops adapt to both of these trends by allowing automotive technicians to conduct routine checks and inspections from within a digital system that can be connected to sensors and other smart devices. 

While IoT and telematics are examples of trends which can help the auto repair industry grow, there are several trends which may hurt the industry’s outlook such as increased vehicle leasing and a growing preference for having dealerships handle repairs. Auto repair shops can soften the effects of these two trends by partnering with dealerships that lease and repair automobiles and by using car maintenance software to promote and manage client relations. Communicating the value of their work to customers can help bolster the position of auto repair shops amidst a changing and competitive market.

What to Look for in Car Maintenance Software

With the rise of new automotive technologies, increased global sales of automobiles, and a higher utilization of shared vehicles thanks to e-hailing and car sharing services, the need for great car maintenance software has never been clearer. But what makes car maintenance software great? Here are three things to look for when choosing car maintenance software:

Car Maintenance Software Should Help You Communicate Effectively

While car maintenance is mostly technical, as a service you provide, it’s also an extension of your auto repair shop’s brand or image. Using confusing car maintenance software can not only result in unattractive reports which your customers will notice, but may also contribute to costly miscommunication between you and your automotive technicians.

Car Maintenance Software Should Help You Manage your Business

Beyond inspecting and maintaining vehicles, car maintenance software should incorporate your entire operations into a single powerful system. It should not only help make vehicles more efficient, but it should also help you and your team more efficient as well. Great car maintenance software should help improve your business as a whole, and not just on one aspect or service.

Car Maintenance Software Should Help You Collect and Use Data

With data-driven technology leading the industry and a game-changing disruption on the horizon, auto repair shops have to step up their game and move away from traditional, paper-based systems. However, it’s important to remember that data that isn’t being used properly isn’t making a difference, and it’s up to the car maintenance software to make sure that data collection, visualization, and access is smooth, easy, and automated. 


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