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A car maintenance app is a mobile software designed to assist car owners and fleet managers in keeping their vehicles in good condition. Proper car maintenance is essential as it maximizes the lifespan and performance output of vehicles. iAuditor helps you identify and resolve issues quickly through consistent inspections and easy data collection, making your car maintenance process more convenient and hassle-free.

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Go paperless and use the best digital inspection templates

You can convert your preferred paper checklist into iAuditor’s digital format, choose from our top pre-made car maintenance checklists and templates, or create your own to meet your needs and preferences using our easy drag-and-drop template builder. iAuditor makes inspections painless so you can do them consistently and on schedule, even while offline.

Set a higher standard for safety and quality

Using iAuditor’s scheduling feature, you can set inspection reminders for the right person to ensure that maintenance tasks are performed and completed on time. Mandatory fields safeguard against skipping critical checks, while corrective actions categorize issues by priority level so that serious problems are dealt with quickly.

Easily review fleet condition for better oversight of your operations

Data from individual car inspections are pushed to the web platform in real-time. Here you can review and analyze your findings via the Analytics feature so you know what car maintenance issues need to be addressed. Monitor failed items and the progress of corrective actions by time, location, department, and more.

iAuditor Car Maintenance App Features

Instantly generate reports when you complete an inspection

Save yourself from the hassle of compiling your inspection data into a final report. With iAuditor, a digital report can be downloaded immediately after you complete an inspection. Inspection reports can also be generated in different formats including PDF, Word, CSV, and XML.

Schedule inspections and designate car maintenance personnel

For optimal car and fleet performance, regular maintenance is a must. Ensure that no inspections are missed by utilizing iAuditor’s scheduling feature so inspection personnel are always notified of upcoming checks.

Identify and address issues faster via analytics

The data you gather from inspections are collated in the web app’s Analytics tab. Here you can access key data and view your performance reports broken down by time, location, department. Inspectors, templates, and more. This can help you quickly identify root causes and issues so you can address them asap.

Time-track facility inspections

Monitor inspection performance and identify opportunities to improve process and efficiency.

Integrate your car maintenance app with business software systems

Integrate iAuditor with other Business Intelligence tools such as Tableau, Power BI, and Google Sheets to visualize your data and further refine your workflow if needed.

World-class customer service

We’re here to help! We provide high-level 24/5 support for any questions and concerns regarding iAuditor.

Car maintenance inspectors can use this checklist to identify defects, damages, and mechanical issues that need to be addressed to achieve and maintain optimal road performance.

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Commercial fleet owners and managers can use this vehicle maintenance log to keep track of maintenance work and record essential information regarding a vehicle’s current condition and maintenance history.

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This truck inspection checklist can be used by a certified technician to identify problems and mechanical issues of heavy vehicles in preparation for the annual Department of Transportation (DOT) truck inspections.

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This template can be used by skilled trade workers to evaluate the condition of a building, its assets and its systems needed to perform its intended function.

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Use this checklist to assess the structural integrity, fire safety, and electrical safety of a residential or educational building.

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This is used to document and communicate work requests, and authorize field technicians to perform the work.

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Used for more than 50+ million inspections in over 80 countries.

From hotels and airports, to construction sites and supermarkets, iAuditor helps businesses get results.

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