3 Essential Car Maintenance Tips
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A car maintenance app, also known as fleet maintenance software for large-scale operations, is a digital tool used to ensure that cars and other types of vehicles are kept in good condition. It is used by fleet managers and car owners when performing scheduled inspections to make sure that vehicles are safe to drive, adhere to legal requirements, and free of damage and impairments.

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Car Maintenance App vs paper checklist

Failure to implement an effective car or fleet maintenance system can result in operational delays and lost productivity. To help avoid these, here are essential car maintenance tips for fleet managers and car owners:

1. Perform Inspections Consistently

With the exception of accidents, you can usually tell if a car is likely to have problems through consistent inspections. A general inspection of the vehicle, along with separate inspections for each essential car function can be scheduled to ensure that any potential issues are caught before they become real problems.

How iAuditor can help:

Inspection Scheduling


The iAuditor car maintenance app has a scheduling feature that allows managers to assign inspections to selected personnel. Scheduled inspections have a “start at” and “complete by” time, and managers will be automatically informed by the app when a scheduled inspection is completed or missed. Recurring inspections can be scheduled for general and specific vehicle assessments to ensure that nothing is missed.

2. Pay Attention to Details

Car and fleet maintenance need to be taken seriously as it affects both productivity and employee safety. Managers and owners need to ensure that inspections are not only done, but done right. This means no skipped items, no rushed assessments, and no vague observations.

How iAuditor can help:

Mandatory fields, photos, and notes


Mandatory fields can help ensure that items are thoroughly addressed and are not skipped. A car maintenance app allows photos to be taken and annotated as evidence of an item’s condition, and additional notes can be included to provide further details, comments, and recommendations.

3. Practice a Systematic Approach

Aside from addressing isolated issues as they appear, you can use the data gathered from your inspections to recognize recurring problems and resolve them at the root. For example, if tire failures are common in your fleet, a review of your collective data could reveal that this issue occurs frequently when the tire’s tread depth has dipped below average due to wear-and-tear.

How iAuditor can help:

Data & Analytics


iAuditor’s powerful Analytics feature can provide easy oversight into your fleet’s performance in one dashboard. Review information such as common failed items and number of inspections completed. You can even filter information to review data specific to location, time, and inspectors to truly pinpoint problems so you can start resolving them. Additionally, you can integrate iAuditor with BI tools such as Tableau, Excel Online, and Google Sheets so your inspection data is automatically transferred and converted to your platform of choice. All this in one intuitive and customizable car maintenance app.

Car maintenance is essential to the productivity and longevity of a vehicle. Purchasing a car, or several cars, is costly in itself. Proper maintenance ensures that owners get the most out of their investment.

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