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A bridge inspection software is used by certified bridge inspectors to aid them in performing the scheduled safety assessments of bridges. The tool helps ensure that visual bridge inspection reports are as comprehensive as possible and remain compliant with bridge inspection standards and requirements. With the iAuditor Bridge Inspection Software—an intuitive digital solution for visual bridge inspections—there’s no need to carry reference manuals and paper checklists during site visits. You’ll only need a mobile device to ensure that bridges are up to the safest standards for public use.

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Bringing pen-and-paper checklists during routine or bridge damage inspections can be inconvenient. On top of that, sorting, organizing, and filing paper inspection records demand both time and space that otherwise could have been used to addressing bridge safety concerns. With iAuditor bridge inspection software, inspectors can finally be equipped with a reliable tool that saves them time and takes care of their administrative paperwork.

Create the most detailed bridge inspection reports

The iAuditor bridge inspection software helps strengthen compliance with regulatory reporting and recordkeeping requirements by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). iAuditor’s digital platform automatically generates comprehensive reports after every completed bridge inspection. It stores data via secure cloud technology so information is kept safe and accessible only to the right people.

Connect all the dots with your data

Make the most out of the statistical inspection data and use it for rational decision-making regarding the health of bridges. The bridge inspection software analyzes your historical data to provide you with actionable insights you can use to improve your bridge inspection process.

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Why are Bridge Inspections Necessary?

Bridges are among the most valuable infrastructures in the world. They allow safe passage where it was previously strenuous or not possible. As it helps enable transportation between distant shores, it has also become a key driver of economic activity. It intensifies trade by allowing people to travel so they can purchase goods and services in other communities and beyond.

Bridges, however, like all other structures, decline with time. They gradually deteriorate due to traffic volume and calamities such as earthquakes. As bridges age, they require regular monitoring and maintenance. The lack of which can cause bridges to deteriorate quicker, which can lead to prolonged closure or irreparable damage. When a bridge closes, it significantly impacts the economic activity it enhanced when it was first built.

This is why bridge inspections are crucial in the maintenance of these complex structures. These routine checks provide comprehensive evaluations of bridges’ structural integrity. It serves as a proactive mechanism to identify and address findings (e.g., cracks, corrosion, spalling) before they cause major damage.

Bridge Inspection Software: How It Addresses the Challenges of Bridge Inspectors

Certified Inspectors from bridge inspection companies have begun to leverage the benefits of technology to improve the way they conduct inspections. With the aid of a bridge inspection software, they have been able to transform their inspection program and eliminate the pains of doing pen-and-paper inspections. From FHWA documentation compliance to improved bridge asset management, here are some ways bridge inspection software have helped bridge safety professionals:

Simpler and More Efficient Inspections

In the US, the FHWA implements the maintenance, inspection, and repair of the hundreds of thousands of public bridges located across the country through the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS); in 2016, the official public bridge count was around 600,000. Of those, almost 40 percent are 50 or more years old.

With that amount of bridges requiring regular upkeep across America, immense effort is needed by the limited number of bridge safety professionals to perform the necessary inspections.

With a bridge inspection software, managing safety inspections is easier due to automation. US bridge inspectors were able to let technology handle the back-office tasks and eliminate the risks of human error, such as mistranscription, illegible handwriting, and lost or destroyed records. Further, consistency between bridge inspections was improved as the inspectors’ checklists are instantly updated once the central template was refurbished by the administrator.

Faster Reporting

Another disadvantage with pencil-and-paper bridge inspections is that it requires an extensive amount of time and effort to organize all observations, notes, and photos before an initial report is produced.

As there is a need to strictly adhere to the 90-day bridge inventory data entry period, it is vital to have a tool that can help produce reports more efficiently. With electronic data collection and workflow automation via the bridge inspection software, inspectors can immediately have reports ready the moment they complete their inspections. These reports are immediately available through the software in PDF form or via a weblink. By using a bridge inspection app, they’re able to produce reports faster, comply with the reporting requirements, and gain more time to focus on solving problems.

Strengthened Compliance with FHWA Recordkeeping Requirements

On top of having quicker reports, bridge inspectors also won’t have to worry about recordkeeping as the bridge inspection app takes care of bridge inspection data via cloud storage. By having data stored in the cloud, it is easier to protect crucial bridge information and help the next generation of bridge inspectors maintain the integrity of these complex structures

Better Data Management

When it comes to bridge inspection and maintenance, a strong foundation for data management is vital. Bridge inspection software helps provide a structured system of transforming inspection data into insightful information. They no longer need to dig through paperwork to find information on a bridge inspection from years ago. The tool helps them easily assess maintenance frequency or repair requirements and improve overall decision-making.


Bridge inspectors often face daunting challenges with every inspection. With the help of available technology, a lot of the burden has been taken off the shoulders of bridge inspectors. Download the iAuditor Bridge Inspection Software today and have that extra muscle for bridge inspections management.

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