Best Customer Satisfaction Survey Software for 2021

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Published January 14th, 2021

Best Customer Satisfaction Survey Software for 2021

This year, the pandemic has forced many to stay at home, with some having to work remotely as a result. This has led to landslide effects on the general workforce, with the retail and hospitality industries being two of the most affected. Many businesses operating within these industries have had to close stores and cut down staff. While 2020 certainly hasn’t been the best year for these industries, it’s important to have hope for and work towards a better 2021. Focusing on the customer has become a focus for most, and with good reason. Putting a finger on the pulse of customer sentiment ensures that you continue creating products and initiatives that fit current market trends and, consequently, address customer demand.

This article will discuss the following:

Customer Satisfaction Survey Software is the New Normal

While “new normal” is a term thrown around frequently these days, the essence of the term is that the changes happening now are not temporary. Though 2021 is a new year, it isn’t essentially a blank slate. Recent events will have ripple effects on the future. That’s why it’s best to pay attention to industry trends such as the increasing digitization of customer experience. 

Customers are looking for quality connection and hyper-personalization across all channels. This means that all digital assets should be optimized to deliver the best customer experience. In particular, mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites are key factors in driving business growth. 

What is Customer Satisfaction Survey Software?

Customer satisfaction survey software is a digital tool used in the retail and hospitality industries for improving customer relations. It helps achieve this goal by providing performance data to businesses from the customer perspective. Customer satisfaction survey software translates what customers think and feel regarding the business into useful, actionable insights. 

Aside from reaching and expanding the customer base, this technology also gives businesses an opportunity to access guest data. By using customer satisfaction survey software as a data analytics tool, businesses gain a better understanding of customer behavior and preferences. They can then use that knowledge to improve customer experience and even other aspects such as operations and staff management.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Software in Retail and Hospitality

Businesses in the retail industry can use customer satisfaction survey software to capture customer pain points with speed and precision. It will help brick-and-mortar stores increase brand loyalty and maintain a solid customer base. Customer retention is especially difficult with 1 in 3 customers leaving a brand they love after just one bad experience. To prevent customer churn, traditional retailers can use customer satisfaction survey software to get instant feedback and hopefully respond on time before the customer decides to switch brands. This is a common occurrence as 89% of consumers turned to a competitor following a poor customer experience. Another way to keep customers happy is to provide self-service options, since 67% of them prefer this over speaking to a company representative.

For e-commerce retailers, Amazon is a good example of how to use customer satisfaction survey software. Amazon surveys are non-intrusive and empowering for customers because there’s a direct flow into a knowledge base that they can access for self-service support. The surveys provide the data the company needs to personalize the customer experience. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has even said that his company’s success stems from listening to customers and understanding their needs. 

Businesses in the hospitality industry can also benefit from customer satisfaction survey software, with 81% of travelers asking for greater digital customer service and 73% of restaurant guests believing that technology adds more to their dining experience. Hotels and resorts can use data obtained from customer satisfaction survey software to personalize guest services across all touchpoints. For restaurants, the software can be installed onto server tablets, which, according to 68% of customers, improve their restaurant experience. Additionally, 41% of restaurants already use server tablets or have plans of using them in the near future. 

What to Look for in Customer Satisfaction Survey Software

Since customer satisfaction survey software is multi-functional, you should first determine how the business will use the software before making a decision. What problem does the business currently have that customer satisfaction survey software can solve? If this question leads to multiple answers, then identify which problem is affecting revenue the most. While this method entails conducting a thorough analysis of the business structure, it might lead to some helpful discoveries along the way. To quickly make a shortlist of the best customer satisfaction survey software for the business, look for these three qualities.

Customer satisfaction survey software should please the customers

What makes a great customer satisfaction survey? What kind of customer satisfaction survey will please customers the most? What will they enjoy completing? While this heavily depends on the type of customers the business serves or target consumer psychographics, in general, a customer satisfaction survey should have:

  • A nice layout – Elements should be sized and positioned in a visually appealing manner. CTA buttons like “Next Page” or “Submit” should be easily identifiable. In other words, the user interface (UI) of the survey should be simple and intuitive. 
  • A logical flow or sequence – The pages or parts of the survey should follow a logical order. The survey shouldn’t be confusing, messy, or irrational. It should make sense to both the customer and the business.

Customer satisfaction survey software should be easy to implement

While customers should be the number one focus when selecting customer satisfaction survey software, staff members are a close second. Salespeople, servers, and other frontline workers should be able to manage using the customer satisfaction survey software on a daily basis. 

For self-serving kiosks, managers should be able to collect the information they need from the machines. In this case, there should be a seamless integration between the customer satisfaction survey software and the hardware used to deliver the surveys.

Customer satisfaction survey software should help you take action

In truth, customer satisfaction survey software won’t increase customer satisfaction ratings unless businesses take action. There’s no point in getting all that data if it won’t be used to make real-life improvements. That’s why businesses should think long-term when it comes to their customer satisfaction survey software. Below are some helpful questions to ask before choosing a solution for your business:

  • Will the business be able to use this customer satisfaction survey software consistently for the next 3 or 5 years?
  • Is the business committed to implementing changes based on the data from the customer satisfaction survey software?
  • Can the customer satisfaction survey software adapt to business or market fluctuations? 
  • Can the customer satisfaction survey software be used in times of crisis?




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