8 Best Approval Workflow Software of 2024

Why use SafetyCulture?

SafetyCulture is a powerful platform for organizations looking to optimize their approval process. This software offers mobile and offline access, allowing you to rack the approval process wherever you are. It can also be accessed anytime and anywhere, making it ideal for large organizations that need to track approvals across multiple sites within a certain timeframe.


  • Optimize operations by centralizing the form creation process and approval process in one place with integrations with other workflow software. 
  • Go paperless with digital templated forms and smart form builders that can only be filled up or accessed by authorized personnel to ensure data privacy and integrity.
  • Upload supporting documents, images, and other documentation for items that require approval into the cloud for easy access anytime. 
  • Utilize digital training courses to ensure workers know the best practices for different tasks and workflows.
  • Stay on top of the approval process by keeping track of what’s approved, when it’s approved, and other critical information with real-time notifications, video messages, and reminders.

Why use Nintex?

Nintex is designed to optimize workflows and processes, which is why it comes with an efficient approval feature so you can manage approvals digitally. It also offers a user-friendly interface, ensuring that teams can map, share, and improve their processes efficiently.


  • Process mapping and visualization
  • Centralized process repository
  • Collaboration and feedback tools

Why use Pipefy?

Pipefy is a versatile tool that allows users to create, customize, and automate approval processes. This means you can manage every step of the approval process from the platform in one place, making the entire process easier and more efficient. 


  • Customizable workflow templates
  • Automation and task assignment
  • Integration with third-party apps

Why use Kissflow?

Kissflow is primarily an application development platform that also functions as a cloud-based workflow automation tool that excels in simplifying approval processes. With its  easy-to-use forms and simple user-interface, this is one of the easiest platforms to adopt into your workflow.


  • Drag-and-drop form builder
  • Automated approval workflows
  • Intuitive reports and dashboards

Why use Process Street?

Process Street helps organizations create precise workflows, which is why it has various tools that optimize the approval process. This platform is also known for its simplicity, collaboration features, and seamless integration capabilities.


  • AI-powered workflow generators
  • Task automation and scheduling
  • Process documentation and versioning

Why use Wrike?

Wrike is a powerful platform great for streamlining various workflows, including the approval process. It works great for increasing communication between teams while also making it easier to request approvals and review documents. 


  • Real-time collaboration and communication
  • Customizable request forms and workflows
  • Time tracking and reporting

Why use Trello?

Trello is a popular and flexible project management tool that also supports lightweight approval workflows. It’s well-suited for small to medium-sized teams looking for a visual and easy-to-use platform.


  • Card-based task management
  • Customizable boards and lists
  • Collaboration and file sharing

Why use Asana?

Asana is made for project management, which is why it’s great for requesting and reviewing approvals. It’s known for its intuitive design, easy task tracking, and robust communication features.


  • Task and project management
  • Customizable workflow dashboards, project views, and reports
  • AI-powered collaboration and communication tools

What is Approval Workflow Software?

An approval workflow software is a tool designed to streamline and automate the process of obtaining, managing, and tracking approvals within an organization. It facilitates the creation of predefined sequences of tasks and decision points, ensuring that documents, requests, or projects move through the necessary steps and receive approvals from designated individuals or teams. This type of platform aims to improve efficiency by reducing manual intervention, minimizing delays, and providing transparency in the approval process.


The approval process takes significant time and effort from a team. Requesting approvals, reviewing requests, and communicating with large teams can be a complex process.

This is why more and more organizations are starting to adopt platforms specifically designed to optimize these processes and eliminate the need for paper requests and approvals. These platforms are great for speeding up the approval process and making communication more efficient between teams, which also enhances the overall productivity of the organization.

Key Features

Approval workflow software comes in various forms, and it’s best to choose the software that comes with features tailored to your needs. However, there are also some key features that your approval software must have, which includes:

Choosing the Right Software

To make it easier for you to select the best option for your organization, here’s a quick comparison of the options featured above.

App Name Free Version Paid Plan Mobile App
SafetyCulture Yes $24/user/month* Yes
Nintex No $25,000/year Yes
Pipefy Yes $20/user/month* Yes
Kissflow No $1,500/month Yes
Process Street None $100/month Yes
Wrike Yes $9.80/user/month Yes
Trello Yes $5/user/month* Yes
Asana Yes $10.99/user/month* Yes

* billed annually

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