The Airport Operators Association and SafetyCulture

The Airport Operators Association is working with SafetyCulture to raise safety and quality standards across the UK's Airports.

Supporting new ways of working and reopening 

SafetyCulture and the AOA are working to raise standards of safety and quality across UK Airports, as airports that are operational and reopening navigate new ways of working in the midst of a pandemic.

Over the last year the airline industry took one of the biggest hits. As passenger flights and travel begin to restart in the UK, we all have a duty of care to ensure social distancing and COVID-19 compliance in our airports. 

Airports that are currently operational, as well as those who are about to reopen, need to implement precautions in order to minimize the chances of transmission. To help support you, SafetyCulture has produced ready-to-use digital best practice airport checklist templates, free for you to use in iAuditor. These checklists are completely customisable and can be adapted to any airport environment.

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By downloading iAuditor, you can automatically access these checklists along with many more in our public library, maintaining quality checks throughout your airport to remain COVID compliant:

  • UK GOV – Working Safely During COVID-19 in Close Contact Services Checklist
  • Social Distancing in Communal Areas Checklist
  • COVID-19 Warehouse/depot Checklist
  • COVID-19 Cleaning and Personal Hygiene Inspection Checklist
  • Post COVID-19 Cleaning Site Visit Checklist

You and up to 9 other colleagues can instantly access these checklists using the iAuditor app. For more information on safely reopening Airline operations and more COVID-19 checklists, see our Airport Reopening Checklists page.

How are UK airports already using iAuditor?

London City Airport has already embraced digital checklists to provide a more efficient way to conduct and track audits. Read more about how iAuditor has helped them reduce costs, improve efficiency and enhance safety. 

The UK’s second largest airport, Gatwick, has also implemented iAuditor as a more flexible solution to reduce time spent updating and allocating tasks.

Our products can be used for almost any use across Airport operations. Below are just some of the ways iAuditor is being used:

Airport General Uses: 

  • Aircraft Inspections 
  • Brand Standards
  • Loading/Unloading Cargo 
  • Crew Checks 
  • Fire Safety Risk Assessment 
  • Lounge Checks 
  • Ground Handling Checks 

COVID-19 Airport Uses: 

  • COVID-19 Return to Work Record
  • Social Distancing 
  • COVID-19 Cleaning Checklists
  • UK Gov Guideline Checks 
Partnerships Manager, SafetyCulture

Olivia Langley
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“London City Airport is an airport that leads from the front, therefore we need an auditing tool that does the same, which is why we use iAuditor.”

Ben Harrison

Airfield Duty Manager at London City Airport

"It's such an easy system to use on an iPhone, you can fill out checklists and submit it straight away ... Because iAuditor is a live system and evolving, everything gets updated automatically"

- Jon Picken, Retail Sales and Operations Manager

“London City Airport is an airport that leads from the front, so we need an auditing tool that does the same. That's why we use iAuditor.”

- Ben Harrison, Airfield Duty Manager at London City Airport

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"iAuditor helps us to empower our team members to own safety and keep quality of a high standard."

- Maren Shroeder, Head of Technical at VROON

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